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Jul 25, 2013 6:00pm PDT
with the utmost seriousness and is continually upgrading its defenses against cyber attacks. like many institutions, it repells millions of attacks on its information systems each day. a report in the "new york times" cites security administrators from universities around the nation confirming that the number of hacking attacks is on the rise. in some cases, research may be targeted. but the university networks also contain plenty of personal data. >> certainly cyber security is very important to our campus. >> reporter: pat harris with san jose state says the university is on constant watch for increases and other security breaches -- intrusions and other security breaches. >> we have a staff dedicated centrally. we also have people, of course, in every department and every division who are thinking about these kinds of things constantly trying to be sure we're secure in what we're doing. >> reporter: students say they also do what they can to protect their own information. >> security, it is a wi-fi network too so most people know you shouldn't be check your bank statements and every
Jul 24, 2013 6:00pm PDT
train. with houston..they didn't py good defense, and even their ve..but good >>> the as were just three for 26 with runners scoring position in their three-game series with houston. they didn't play good defense. even the closer blew a save but good teams know how to win ugly. getaway in houston for the green and gold. tied at one in the 6th inning. carlos colpran two shot to right. aj griffin has now allowed 23 home runs tied for the second most in the majors. solo shot. coco crisp with a two-run shot into the crawford boxes. his tenth home run of the year. grant balfour the day off so it was ryan cook in for the save. he got the final four out. the as win 4-3 i thought this was one of their worst series of the year but they win it. they are now 11-1 against houston this series. >>> alex rodriguez is expected to be baseball's next big name suspended for using performance- enhancing drugs and as always with a-rod there's drama. rodriguez has been on the dl all season. and just as he was ready to return last weekend, he was diagnosed with a "quad strain." but a-rod says the yankees
Jul 29, 2013 6:00pm PDT
defense, and timely hitting. and even though they used a different closer down the stretch this one still had a beard to fear. [ laughter ] >> reporter: bay area-born white house staffers kendra and shannon gillson weren't going to miss this one. you're on have a situation, right? >> i'm on vacation . >> you're on have a situation, right? >> i'm on vacation. i flew back from san francisco to come here to see the ceremony. >> reporter: was it one of those, what, the giants back they white house? get me on the next flight out of here. >> had to make it. it was cool. huge giants fan. grew up going to the stick. then they moved. so it was wonderful to be here and experience it. >> reporter: it was all over in about 12 minutes. perhaps a 12-minute therapy session for a team sitting in last place of the division losers of seven of eight including four in a row with a series starting in philadelphia tomorrow. at the white house, vern glenn, kpix 5. >> and coming up in sports, you can hear more of vern's report from the white house including his interview with buster posey. >> that's the ul
Jul 31, 2013 6:00pm PDT
scandal. blue jays manager wondering who in my line-up can play defense, anyone? toronto looked like the bad news bear. lowry pit one in front of joey baths who isn't planning to change his name to joey arm anytime soon. the as 1-0. colon was going for the win, the jays took the lead when he couldn't hold the baseball. rasmus makes it 2-1. then fun in the sun. dickey and lowry collide trying to make the catch. two batters later this time brandon moss hits one a mile high. completely misses it. tied to the tenth. bautista hammers one down the life off chavez. jays take the lead and they win 5-2. colon walks more than 2 in the game for the second time all season. >> you know what? at the end of the day it gives you six innings only gives up two runs and if that's a bad day for him we'll take that anytime. >> tough to come by when you play poor defense and still win the game. we were definitely fortunate today. we were fortunate enough to win that game and we have to feel good about that. it's tough. when you're dealing with that around 2:30, 3:00, you're just right there and it's big. >> p
Jul 26, 2013 6:00pm PDT
a case of self-defense. police know who those gunmen are but so far have not arrested those people. now there is a vigil going on for judy solomon and these are her neighbors. they are doing a dog walk right now in honor of judy solomon. she was an animal lover and had a dog and a cap. they are marching from this location where she was shot and killed a few blocks away. >> discounts than what the city to declare a state of emergency so they can get additional help from the state and alameda county. but he does not have enough votes on the council to pass up that declaration. >> the feds have been reportedly asking silicone valley major e-mail providers to hand over passwords for users accounts. some experts compared to having a wiretap on your e-mail. >> when you log into your consumer e-mail account, even the provider does not actually know your password. but it does though the underlying algorithms used to encrypt or hash the password. and declan of the cola says that data is what the government is now after. >> how targeted it is, whether it's individualized or widespread, we ar
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5